Migration backoffice system

Geplaatst op: 14 september 2015 Migration backoffice system

White Paper migration backoffice system: sharing our experiences with the EV-world

EVnetNL (former foundation e-laad) is a charge point operator of almost 3,000 public charging stations in the Netherlands. In 2014 the need arose for a new backoffice system for new demands. A more flexible system from a more proactive party for the several innovative projects, like smart charging. And a system which could help bring the uptime up and the costs down by giving more information and better analysis tools.  

Large scale

When the choice was made to start working with the backoffice system Driivz, the need to migrate EVnetNL charging stations from the old to the new system arose. During the summer of 2014 this first big charging station back office migration ever was performed. The existence of the OCPP protocol made this move possible. However, this did not mean that this migration could be done overnight. The Dutch EVnetNL charging station network consists of around 2,000 stations of different types, capabilities and manufacturers. And multiple data feeds to multiple parties. For the migration to be a success specialised steps had to be prepared, tested and taken for each different type of station and assistance was needed from different parties for each of the steps. And not only from the manufacturers, but also the assistance from the telecom provider, back office suppliers and maintenance parties was required. Also, the migration did not only consist of the stations: also the data, the API links to data users (like charging station websites) and the links to the clearing systems had to be migrated from the old to the new. A huge operation, unprecedented in the EV-world.

So what did we learn from it?

White paper

The many things we learned during this preparation process and execution have been used to create this white paper.
Stimulating EV for us also means sharing information. So we decided to collect all the mutual learning experiences and knowledge we gained during the migration together with our partner Driivz in one document. We believe this document is of high value for all parties involved in EV charging stations and for other kind of technology migrations. 

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